Tuesday, June 4, 2013


This is the Asin Pooten Hot Springs Resort located in the hinterlands of Tuba Benguet.  The water in the pool is warmed by hot springs that abound the place.  The hotel is like a Malacanan Palace in seclusion.  I had the opportunity of visiting this beautiful place together with my colleagues on a conference of systematic biologists.  This is my next bucket list adventure for the summer.

The trip to Asin Hot Springs is a 30-minute to 1 hour drive from Baguio City depending on weather conditions on the road.  The last leg of the journey will be a short dirt road that before arriving at our destination which is the Asin Pooten Hot Springs Resort.

Judging by the sign, one can immediately decipher that this secluded place has its share of threats considering that the owner installed CCTV cameras for securing the place.  So I think that we are in a fairly safe place to spend your vacation.

The front of the building already shows a beautiful mansion-like edifice that somehow looks oddly placed in a rugged and secluded place such as Tuba, Benguet.  It was a simple arrival at the start but the moment we entered the mansion we were greeted with awe by its splendid interior.

 It was a rainy day late that afternoon so taking pictures was not ideal during that time.  I just spent some time admiring the beautiful landscape at the back of the mansion.

At the back of the mansion is the swimming pool where its water is warmed by the numerous hot springs scattered underground.  I said that no rain will stop me from taking a dip in the swimming pool because I am pretty sure tha warm water  will shield us from the cold night.

Upon entering the mansion, one would immediately be greeted by an imposing grand winding staircase typical of mansion.  I assumed that the owner built this place primarily for family use but just like many affluent families who outgrew the place, they eventually opened it up to the public.

This fireplace caught my attention indicating that the weather in this place may be as cold as in Baguio but not during the summer because judging from the downhil travel to this place, the elevation is far lower than that in Baguio so it's probably cold only during Christmas and the rainy season.

The fireplace is apparently not in use as it is adorned with small figurines so I might just as well have some posterity shots of this place.

Judging from the figurines adorning the fireplace mantle, the owner is fond of collecting these items and they indeed make beautiful decorative items for the living room.

These dolls also show how much they love their children.  Many of these dolls are still in their mint condition.

You should check out the kitchen.  It's a dream kitchen for everyone who loves to cook.

The dining table is made up of solid wood so big it would make an environmentalist frown.



  1. sucky management, sucky facilities, worst resort i've ever been to, the pool's water hasn't even been changed for like a week

  2. I understand your sentiment. But my blog is not to write a review of the place and promote it. My blog is how to make do with a crappy situation and enjoy the moment instead of sulking like you do. For your information, hot water from hot springs cannot be stored and keep hot. Hot water from underground continuously move up to the surface and just run off the pool into the river. Apparently, you're not a traveller, just a mere tourist. There's a difference.

  3. This Guy doesn't know what he is saying.. IS he blind or what?? Maybe he is just there to bash. He doesn't know to appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoy the water. Who cares about him anyways??!! In fact, our company outing will be held in your resort sir. We will becoming this coming Saturday. See you soon! Ibesao Forever!!

    Juzt Bud-oy
    Payeo, Besao Mt. Province. ;)

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